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Lois Lane, forever a horse.

Curious about alternate universes, Batman agress to give Lois Lane the opportunity to travel to alternate realities in the form of an invisible hologram via her mind, and memorizes everything she learns for her perfect science fiction novel: The Lois Lane Chronicles.

Earth 1.AEdit


Lois Lane: The Super-Filly

In one universe, Lois relieves the day that an enemy of Comet the Super Horse turned her into a horse herself, but in this universe, nobody else ever knew. Her counterpart here than began her new permanent life as Comets mate and the mother of his son Silver Hoof and daughter Shadow Rain.

Earth 1.BEdit


Lois Lane, forever Centaur

In the next universe, Lois sees herself changing back from a horse but stuck as a female centaur. Unlike her, this Lois Lane never returned to full human form, but that didn't stop Superman from marrying her and having centaur children. 

Earth 1.CEdit

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Baby Lois Lane

The 3rd reality made Lois relieve the day that she entered an experimental deageing machine in order to win back the affection of Superman, only to be turned into a six month old or so baby, unlike in her home dimension, this Lois Lane stayed a baby and lost all of her adult memories and was adopted by Superman and his wife Lana Lang Kent.

Earth 1.DEdit


Lois Lane, African American

The following dimension reveals that in this universe, Lois Lane is an African-American woman who was never ever white, but Superman loved her and married her despite what some people thought about Clark Kent's decision. 

Earth 1.EEdit


Lois Lane as a Mermaid

The fifth universe that Lois traveled to is when she got soo badly injured during a deep water dive, that she had to surgically be turned into a Mermaid. Unlike her, this Lois Lane was forever a Mermaid, and grew to love her new life. She and Superman still got married and had a family, and their children were also merpeople.

Earth 1.FEdit

In this universe, Lois saw her time displaced self from a future timeline raise and adopted a baby Clark Kent/Superman after his Rocket Ship crash landed and accidentally killed Mr. and Mrs. Kent, raising on the Kent farm as her own son. In this new timeline, Lois Lanes younger self was killed by a drunk driver, and Superman married Lana Lang. The reason why the much older Lois still exists in this new timeline is due to the result of a paradox. This Lois never told this Superman that they were originally ment to be husband and wife, especially since raising him as a baby made her instead love him like a mother loves her own child. Eventually, she grew to except Lana as her daughter in law and the mother of her two grandsons and granddaughters. 

Back to Earth 1Edit

After returning to her reality and informing Batman of everything she had learned, she later wrote and published her book entitled "The Lois Lane Chronicles", but left out certain part that would've revealed Superman`s secret identity. It later became a #1 Best Seller and turned into a movie also named The Lois Lane Chronicles. Her next noval as called "When Lois met Superman". 



Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The first five dimensions that Lois travels to are all based on original DC Comicbooks from the 1960s and 1970s. 
  • Earth 1.F is the only universe in this comic not based on an original comicbook.
  • Lois' 2nd book, "When Lois met Superman", has its tital baced on the movie "When Harry met Sally.