The Physiology Manipulation Modulator (P.M.M) is a highly advanced piece of technology created by the species known as the Tri-Breed. It was first developed by Bromley Industries.


The P.M.M started as an experimental project for medical procedures. It was designed so that a person would have a temporary healing factor to recover more quickly from moderate to severe forms of mandatory or non-mandatory operations.

After initial tests with the device, it was shown that the it altered the physiology of the species that the subject was naturally.

Lois Lane (A.K.A "Superwoman")Edit

After initial testing, Hybrid offered Superman a chance to make the love of his life Lois Lane a Kryptonian. This led to him having to consult Lois on the subject. Both Superman and Hybrid met with Lois to talk about the procedure and what would happen to her. Lois responded with "I'll think about it." and Hybrid respected her decision. One big thing though was that she had to swear an oath to secrecy and that only she and the Justice League know about it.

One Week LaterEdit

After a week of putting hard thought into the procedure, Lois headed for Bromley Industries where she met with Hunter. She then told him that she accepted his offer and so they contacted Superman who witnessed the operation first hand. True to what he spoke of before, Lois had been changed into a Kryptonian with all their unique powers.


After this, Bromley Industries realized that only a certain few were allowed to receive such a treatment and that meant to keep such a technology a secret. The only one that has access to such technology is it's creator known as Hybrid.


The P.M.M is designed to look like a high powered energy rifle that is not built to be an energy weapon. The weapon however emits a unique energy that is manipulates the person's natural physiology and genetic make up just by the voice command selection of the shooter. It is designed to only respond to it's creator and is cannot be fooled by any shape shifter, not even his shapeshifting allies. When fired to alter the subject's physiology, the beam is usually green, however when it's a reverse beam, it will be red.