Francis T. Usionn is the name of an anti-hero who was chosen to gain the Red Lantern ring. However, the power made him crave more.



To quench his thirst for power, he travelled the galaxy killing Lanterns and stealing there rings. All the power drove him even more mad. When Green Lantern, Superman, Starman, and Adam Strange confronted him, they all attacked him at the same time, and the energy built up in his body, exploding him... seemingly.....

The FusionerEdit

His rings and corpse were both sent flying through space. His remains were sucked into the sun, and the energy from the rings, the energy from Green Lantern, Superman, Starman, and Adam Strange, and his remains were all fused by all of the energy and power. The result: a cosmic being so powerful it took the whole Justice League to defeat him. It was a hard battle, as his new powers allowed him to fuse together any energy he wanted.

Interdimensional CrisisEdit

During the Interdimensional Crisis, he was freed from the pocket realm Dr. Fate, Adam Strange, and Pandora trapped him in by Lex Luthors interdimensional machine. He was sent along with Kalibak to face the JLA.