DC Unleashed is an alternate reality version of New-Earth.


Doom Patrol UnleashedEdit

A government group is sent along with Sgt. Rock, Agent of STAR, to track down a time-altering alien, Garguax. While going after Garguax, the four of them (Larry Trainor, Steve Dayton, Rita Farr, Cliff Steele) are suddenly beamed by Garguax to his world, the Antimatter Universe, right when they go into the time machine, altering there molecules and ultimately destroying then recreating there DNA. Larry's DNA has been effected by all the negative energy between dimensions, Cliff's DNA has hardened somehow and turned him into a metal-skinned monster, Steve's DNA has been effected so that he can read minds, and Rita's DNA has been completely stretched out somehow, allowing her to stretch into any shape or size. They use the powers to help Sgt. Rock defeat Garguax, and then they use Garguax's transporter to beam themselves back to there reality.

Wonder Woman UnleashedEdit

Diana, princess of Themyscaira, is battling the evil warrior, Brimstone, and Brimstone's henchwoman, Cyborgirl. Diana is winning until Cyborgirl uses her teleporter technology to transport Diana to America, erasing her memory and leaving her at her weakest. She starts a new life as Diana Prince, and finds a mystical lasso. When she picks it up, her memory comes back along with her power. She returns to Themyscaira, saves it from Brimstone and Cyborgirl, and returns to America to protect it, using the fake name Diana Prince as her alter ego.

Batman UnleashedEdit